5 Steps to Selling Your Home With Cormier Realty Group


Value (Step 1)

Pricing your home correctly is the key to your success. Over-priced real estate burdens the marketplace, and smart agents generally advise their clients to steer clear of these properties. If you are considering selling your home, determining the true market value of your property is the most important first step you can take. Cormier Realty Group will help you price your property intelligently, utilizing smart resources and extensive local knowledge as our guide. Our mission is to produce a listing price that positions your property in the most advantageous way to you, as the seller. Our track record of intelligent pricing is a cornerstone of our 25-year reputation for excellence.

Sign up today for ePropertyWatch, our state-of-the-art home property valuation program unlike any other in the market. Within a few minutes of exploring this ultimate real estate valuation tool, you will begin to better understand your home and your neighborhood in remarkable and informative ways that will empower you to make better decisions about your property. We are so confident this tool will make your life easier, we offer it without any obligations to use our services. Get started now!

First Impressions (Step 2)

If your home hits the market and makes a bad first impression to potential buyers, the cost to you can be severe and unforgiving. There are no second chances to make a great first impression. Preparing your home to sell is serious business, and a successful outcome depends upon how you approach your home preparation process. Cormier Realty Group will help you identify and prioritize repairs and home improvements that will create real value for you, and we will advise you on staging the property for maximum showing potential. As importantly, we will help you identify those improvements that will NOT create a profitable return for your money, time and energy. A pre-listing consultation and property preview by a seasoned professional with knowledge of current market trends is critical to the maximum profitability of your transaction.

Contact Laura Cormier today if you have any questions or concerns about making the best first impression with your home before listing.


Making a Splash! (Step 3)

Exposure is everything in marketing! That’s the old mantra, and it still holds true today. In these times of digital marketing dominance and easy access to online marketing platforms and systems, advertising for real estate listings has proliferated the internet. To make a splash in this busy space, real estate digital marketing teams must adapt and implement smart advertising that cuts through all the noise and endless chatter.

At Cormier Realty Group, we have built our digital marketing tools from scratch! Embedded in the DNA of each of our digital campaigns is the use of specialized artificial intelligence that produces exponentially better results for you! Not only can we expose your property to potential homebuyers, but we can now present your property almost exclusively to those buyers that want to buy homes that match your property specifically. Imagine our marketing team hitting the bullseye of the targeted audience, with almost every digital marketing ‘dart’ we toss. The results are amazing and super-efficient, and we do all the work for you!

Of course, online marketing is not our only method of attracting buyers to your property. We strongly believe in touching buyers through traditional platforms such as direct mail campaigns, effective print marketing, creative email marketing, personal neighborhood marketing, and other tried-and-true, old-fashioned sweat marketing strategies.

Cormier Realty Group is dedicated to selling your property fast, and we have invested our resources into fulfilling that mission for every client we have the privilege to represent. We are ready to prove that our marketing strategies work as well as we promise. Contact us today, for more information about our custom strategies to sell your home fast, and at the right price.

Successful Negotiation (Step 4)

It is our responsibility to guide negotiations to the highest price that a buyer is willing to pay for your property, and to lead in the negotiation of the best possible terms and conditions associated with that offer. Understanding that not all offers will end up as a contract that closes, it’s important that all offers are negotiated professionally and efficiently and are completed on a timely basis.

As your representative, we will fully explain the bottom-line details for any offer you receive, and we will provide you with specific data and information to support any counter-offer recommendations. In the end, the final decision to accept any offer is always left up to you. It’s our responsibility to guide you in making the most informed decision.

We believe the best transactions are the ones that result in a win for all parties. There is an art form to the ebb and flow of negotiations, and experience is the most valuable asset in this process. You can trust our negotiating experience when communicating your interest to all parties to the transaction.


Contract to Close (Step 5)

Most people have no idea just how many people are involved in a real estate transaction, once a contract for sale has been receipted. There is always something going on behind the scenes and there is NEVER a dull moment. Some of the people involved with a closing include:

The Seller, Listing Agent, Listing Agent’s Broker, Buyer, Buyer’s Agent, Buyer’s Agent’s Broker, Buyer’s Lender (usually includes a loan officer, a loan processor, and an actual lender whom lends the funds), Transaction Coordinator to do all the paperwork for the file), Escrow Officer (usually a team of people in charge of documents, funds, contracts, HOA and closings), Title Officer (a team of people in charge of liens, previous insurance claims, and recording the deed), Appraiser (hired by the buyer’s lender), Termite Inspector (hired by the buyer or seller depending on the contract), Physical Inspector (hired by the buyer), Insurance Agent (chosen by the buyer), Home Warranty Company (chosen by the buyer or the seller depending on the contract), and Notary.

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