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What Makes Cormier Realty Group Different?

When you work with Laura Cormier and Cormier Realty Group you're getting a coach. It is the buyer's role to ask questions. Our role is to listen closely and get you the answers you require. When we feel you have not asked a question that should have been asked, we will ask it for you. Beyond that, we don't want to interfere with your new home buying experience. We are here to help, never to oversell or talk you to death.

Types of New Homes Available

Single-Family Homes

Town Homes & Condominiums

Active Adult Communities

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Frequently Asked Questions About New Home Construction

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Finding the home of your dreams can sometimes fee more like a burden than it should. At Cormier Realty Group, our intention is to make sure you have all of the information you need to not only find your dream home, but to make a strong investment in your future.

What are the Benefits of New Homes?

Newly built homes offer the advantage of being designed to meet today's design trends, such as open floor plans, plenty of natural light, high ceilings and super-organized storage spaces for clothing, kitchen items and other possessions.

The best benefit on buying new built home, “Everyone loves the fact that a new home is clean and has never been lived in,” says Laura Cormier, designated broker with Cormier Realty Group in Round Rock, Texas. The second best thing a buyers mention is that they're excited to make it their own and design it the way they want.”

Many buyers worry about the cost of buying a home, compared to a resale home, however, a newly built home offers them the added security of knowing that roof and the HVAC are new and under warranty, says, Brent Cormier, husband and assistant broker to Laura Cormier.

Another benefit is that newly built homes are super Eco-friendly, which makes a big difference, especially in Texas when we need to run our air conditioning nine months of the year. New built homes are approximately one third of the bill of resale homes.

Another benefit for many buyers is the attraction to the amenities of newly built master-planned communities.

Lastly, and maybe one of the most significance benefits in today's market, when inventory of homes is so low, builders in our area are consistently increasing their base prices, says Laura Cormier, Realtor. “It's a great value for buyers to lock in a base price now because they will have built equity before they even move in.” Also, it gives you a chance to plan your purchase, and be informed throughout the building process and see it built. This is an exciting time.

Are new homes more expensive then resale home?

Even buyers whom recognize the advantages of new homes typically are concerned about two issues: time and money.

“Some buyers worry that new homes are more expensive, but Laura point out to them that when they buy a new home, they're only paying one time to get what they want,” says Brent Cormier.

If they buy a resale, then they buy the house first and then pay again to remodel it to have it updated and the way they want. Maybe you pay a premium to buy new, but you do not live in a remodel job or go through frustration of hiring contractors and running over cost.
Newly built homes are not so far off in price from resales in some areas, so buyers can choose new more readily in the suburban areas.

Buyers who must sell their home in order to buy the next can sometimes find the timing and financing a new home tricky. Some builders will accept a contingency on the sale of their current home or a lender can come up with a plan that allows the buyers to find the money for the deposits before their homes sells.

Buyers who must move within 30 to 60 days: Quick delivery or spec house that can meet their needs is often available.

Why Buy New?

Even when buyers dont have specific objections to buying a newly built home, sometimes we as Realtors need to spend more time explaining why buyers should at least consider both options new or resale.

I always recommend newly built homes to buyers who are nitpicking about everything and not willing to accept any home that doesn’t meet every single desire they have. A newly built home is so much better for buyers like that because they can choose everything for themselves.

In the suburban areas, many times newly built homes offer more value because they might be able to afford a larger home or a larger lot in new community but must commute into town for work.

Cost to maintain the home:

An important distinction between newly built homes and resales is the cost to maintain the home, particularly in the early years of ownership.

Builders Warranty:

Builders offer a one year warranty on parts and labor and 10 year on foundations. That's much better then dealing with repairs on your own that can come up immediately when you buy a resale.

New homes appeal to buyers who appreciate today's high standards fro quality construction and design.

In a side by side comparison, new homes are always more attractive because new is updated and no one has lived in it, so buyers are often willing to make some compromises in terms of location or the price to be able to buy new.

For many buyers, a home newly built offers modern finishes, an open floor plan, flexible-use rooms, energy-savings features, built-in shelves, entertainment areas, outdoor kitchens, resort style swimming pool and activity center that older resale home areas.

Types of New Home Construction Available:

Single-Family Home

Today newly built detached homes are often larger and have more bedrooms and bathrooms, and a bigger garage compared with most older homes. Most of the time new homes are larger and the square footage is utilized more efficiently, as builders have replaced old-fashioned living rooms and narrow hallways with more walk-in closets, garage-entrance foyers, storage spaces and fex rooms that can serve as a home office or additional bedroom.

New homes appeal to families,” starters and empty nesters”, singles with busy lifestyles whom need no or low maintenance. New homes works great for people for example, :” someone in the early stages of starting a family, a couple thinking about expanding their household or somebody who's restarting because of domestic restructure or retirement -these homes are working really well for these buyers.

Town Homes and Condominiums

These types of structure are very popular in Texas.

Town homes might best be thought of as detached houses with multiple levels and slightly smaller footprints, yards, and lots. That's a configuration that appeals to buyers who want plenty of amenities at a more affordable price point, as well as less maintenance.

Condos are typically more maintenance free because you do not own the exterior the homeowners association owns the structure of the building and the homeowner owns only the airspace between the walls. The association is responsible for the common areas and the building itself.

Typical condo buyer prefers an urban environment and minimal, if any, maintenance responsibilities, Examples include young professionals and retiree couples, particularly those who travel frequently and want a “lock-it-and-leave-it” home.

The town home buyer is someone who'd would purchase a single family home if the market was more affordable but they can choose their finishes and have the home be brand new and know they don’t have to be part of a blind bidding process we see in today home buying market.

Active Adult Communities

Active adult communities, which may have age restrictions, tend to appeal to buyers who care less about the configuration of their home and more about their connection to their neighbors. It is not really even about the house, it is a lifestyle choice.

Buyers who aren’t demanding about specific numbers of bedrooms or bathrooms, but instead ask about the social, neighborhood and community aspects of their new home are good candidates to purchase homes in today's newly built active adult communities.

People concerned about utility bills, on fixed income are great candidates for these communities .

Search New Homes Now

You can find your dream home, today. Start searching our vast directory of new homes and new home construction in Round Rock, Georgetown, Cedar Park, Leander, and beyond...